Vitaly design

“Vitaly was given its first breath of life in Central Bali, Indonesia. Legend has it that founder Shane Vitaly Foran, a Toronto, Canada native, had decided to put his corporate job on hold in order to combat a growing sense of apathy and burn-out. During six weeks of unplanned pilgrimage, Shane found Ubud, a small haven for artists and other wanderers. He spent three weeks there amongst the pale straw huts and towering bluffs in a state of introverted reflection. Entranced by the town’s natural beauty, Shane began dreaming of handcrafted jewelry that would fit the many faces of everyday fashion. After having a few simple designs produced by a local craftsmen and receiving an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response over social media, Shane decided to take the risk of a lifetime. Along with close friend & business partner Jason Readman, they invested their last pennies in their vision, and the company that is now known to the world as Vitaly was born. Since April 2012, Shane and Jason have been pouring themselves into Vitaly full-time, seeking to create a brand that embraces the myriad of lifestyles and personalities that have inspired it: from sky diving to stage diving, and fine art to body art. Vitaly is still releasing new designs, working with a variety of unique materials, and maintains a strong relationship with all of those who have helped make this journey possible.”

I choose this brand because personally, I really like it and they are popular as well. I’m more focus on their website and their Instagram. On their Instagram, they have 69,7000 followers. Vitaly open their Instagram around 156 weeks ago, since only 18 likes to around 1,800 likes per photo. On Instagram, they are following 260 people. Those people are popular photographer, style driven, tattoo arts, blogers, fashion designers and so on. This way, it will help them to market themselves faster.

For their website, it is more focus on more information about themselves and networking with other popular celebrities. They are put more focus on the ordering; buying their stuffs and questions and answer. Vitaly’s photos on their website are individual and more pretty.


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