Branding Design Survey

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I asked around 50 people who are students or who are working here at the Art Institute of Vancouver to reveal some ideas about what they think about branding design, and I got some interesting results.

44% of the people have their favorite clothing/ Fashion brand and 46% of the people do not. It surprised me; I thought more people had a favorite brand, at least one brand. Also, more than half of the people don’t know or remember their favorite brand’s ads or slogan. (Which means only around 10 out of 50 people knows their favorite brand’s ads or slogan). 68% of the people are interesting about the new products that their favorite brand have to offer and 62% are interested about sales they might have, they are only 22% of the people who care about the new locations they might have.

As graphic designers, our point of view is different than other peoples, if we are designing a new brand, we have to think a lot of things and do a lot of research. All brands have to have their own stores. What does your brand make it different from the others and what makes you special? Why are people going to buy your products? Also, you need to think about how to keep your brand hot and special:

“When you were young, marketing for teens and young adults was really rather easy. We, Generation Xers true to type, were eager to tune ourselves to global brands and definitely wanted to start out yuppie careers in a famous multinational. The big corporations radiated the proof of the ultimate success. Just imagine… when we were 16 we’d be able to buy those big cool brands ourselves! And that’s exactly what all brands were shouting at us. Buy us and you will be so cool! And oh yes, we loved it … we even believed it. Brands were projecting cool and aspiring images in their ads. They were setting the goals we all desired to achieve. They dictated how to dress, behave, walk and talk. We even adored TV commercials, because we were the first generation to grow up with commercial stations and it was all so new and glamorous to us.”

On the other hand, thought my survey, only 26% of the people think the brand that they prefer is more focused on their product’s quality, 30% of the people think it should focus more on their marketing and advertisements, 28% of the people think both are important, and 8% of the people are not sure which one they think is more important. What I found out, when people are shopping, not a lot of people knows the products that much themselves, many of them are buying some brands products because people are buying it. In advertisement, 38% of the people prefer printed ads, 12% prefer the email ads, and 44% of the people like more to view their ads via social media and 12% don’t want any ads at all. Advertisements are everywhere in our day-to-day life, 46% of the people look (notice/respond to) at ads, 32% of the people look at them sometimes and 12% of the people doesn’t look at them at all. Thought this information, we can tell people still respond to some of the ads.

My last question was do you want to develop your own brand/ company? They are 44% of the people who wanted to and 32% of the people didn’t want their own business. And for this 44% of the people, they are 22% of them who want help in developing their brand, 16% of them think they should put more attention on their marketing, 22% think it’s advertisements and so on. This information tells me what are the customers’ points of view, which is interesting. As a designer, my opinion about branding is that we have to have a concept or a theme, think about what kind of things make your brand different than other big brands, maybe something only I can do. Social media is the big thing for me; I would suggest using as much as you can, like as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe even blogs. If you want to design a brand, you have to find a way to let people know you are out there. All in all, people like a nice idea, cool design and something different.

Works Cited:

Bergh, Joeri Van Den, and Mattias Behrer. How Cool Brands Stay Hot Branding to Generation Y. London: Kogan Page, 2011. Print.


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