User Story

Hi, my name is Jason. Long time ago, I met Nick through one of my friend. We were not hanging out that much, we just know each other and we were not usually seeing each other. Later on, I found out he is working at the Bay Company for men’s wear. So I’m starting to message him again and ask him out to be a better friend with him. I got a lot of information about their customers. What does they like or not, and some funny thing about when he is working. Through his information, I was testing and changing my product and show to him and see if he likes it or not. Because both of us are young and we know what we like and both of us like cool, vantage and hipsters stuffs so I used those elements in to my design and make Nick loves my products.



SWOT: branding/ fashion design clothing

  1. Strengths: We are around the same ago; we got some same style and same points of views. The best way maybe go through Instagram, Facebook, and blonging.
  2. Weaknesses: Our targets are limited around 18-40, and maybe money issues.
  3. Opportunities: Nowadays, more and more young people are richer than lots of people, and they would spend money on clothing and other things. Cool people are most likely are young people.
  4. Threats: They are already having a lot of big brands like OBEY, or Supreme out there and it will be a bit threats for us.

Nick’s personally more like The Provider (E/S/F/J) Lily Evans-Potter; warmhearted, conscientious and cooperative, want harmony in their world and work with determination to establish it. Like to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time. Notice what others need in their day-to-day lives and try to provide it.

Brand Persona & User Story

Name: Nick

Age: 24

Income, spending habits: 6,000/ 2 0r 3 times a week.2

Nick is more like an Instagram person; he likes shopping, fashion, cool stuffs and movies. He works hard and plays hard, and he is kind of lazy sometime so he got more time spending on his phone or computer.

Nick’s favorite movie is pitch perfect, favorite book is about a boy; he loves all kinds of food but really into spicy food. He likes wearing t-shirt and goes to gym a lot. Nick likes to drink too, when he has sometime, he likes to hang out with friends at some bars. He spends most of his money on food, drinks and clothing. His media consumption habits are Instagram and Facebook, he open them some many times a day.

Branding Design Survey

take a look my inforgraphic

I asked around 50 people who are students or who are working here at the Art Institute of Vancouver to reveal some ideas about what they think about branding design, and I got some interesting results.

44% of the people have their favorite clothing/ Fashion brand and 46% of the people do not. It surprised me; I thought more people had a favorite brand, at least one brand. Also, more than half of the people don’t know or remember their favorite brand’s ads or slogan. (Which means only around 10 out of 50 people knows their favorite brand’s ads or slogan). 68% of the people are interesting about the new products that their favorite brand have to offer and 62% are interested about sales they might have, they are only 22% of the people who care about the new locations they might have.

As graphic designers, our point of view is different than other peoples, if we are designing a new brand, we have to think a lot of things and do a lot of research. All brands have to have their own stores. What does your brand make it different from the others and what makes you special? Why are people going to buy your products? Also, you need to think about how to keep your brand hot and special:

“When you were young, marketing for teens and young adults was really rather easy. We, Generation Xers true to type, were eager to tune ourselves to global brands and definitely wanted to start out yuppie careers in a famous multinational. The big corporations radiated the proof of the ultimate success. Just imagine… when we were 16 we’d be able to buy those big cool brands ourselves! And that’s exactly what all brands were shouting at us. Buy us and you will be so cool! And oh yes, we loved it … we even believed it. Brands were projecting cool and aspiring images in their ads. They were setting the goals we all desired to achieve. They dictated how to dress, behave, walk and talk. We even adored TV commercials, because we were the first generation to grow up with commercial stations and it was all so new and glamorous to us.”

On the other hand, thought my survey, only 26% of the people think the brand that they prefer is more focused on their product’s quality, 30% of the people think it should focus more on their marketing and advertisements, 28% of the people think both are important, and 8% of the people are not sure which one they think is more important. What I found out, when people are shopping, not a lot of people knows the products that much themselves, many of them are buying some brands products because people are buying it. In advertisement, 38% of the people prefer printed ads, 12% prefer the email ads, and 44% of the people like more to view their ads via social media and 12% don’t want any ads at all. Advertisements are everywhere in our day-to-day life, 46% of the people look (notice/respond to) at ads, 32% of the people look at them sometimes and 12% of the people doesn’t look at them at all. Thought this information, we can tell people still respond to some of the ads.

My last question was do you want to develop your own brand/ company? They are 44% of the people who wanted to and 32% of the people didn’t want their own business. And for this 44% of the people, they are 22% of them who want help in developing their brand, 16% of them think they should put more attention on their marketing, 22% think it’s advertisements and so on. This information tells me what are the customers’ points of view, which is interesting. As a designer, my opinion about branding is that we have to have a concept or a theme, think about what kind of things make your brand different than other big brands, maybe something only I can do. Social media is the big thing for me; I would suggest using as much as you can, like as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe even blogs. If you want to design a brand, you have to find a way to let people know you are out there. All in all, people like a nice idea, cool design and something different.

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Obey Design – Shepard Fairey  

During the 2000s, Shepard Fairey is the popular straight artist. At the beginning, he thinks that André the Giant sticker it’s an inside joke, he is just having fun. He likes to think that the more stickers are they out there, the more important they will be and more people will want to know and ask each other what those stickers mean. Fairey and his friends created paper, stickers and posters with an image of the wrestler André the Giant as an inside-joke to start his project and began clandestinely in Providence, Rhode Island and the rest of the Eastern United States.


André René Roussimoff was born in May 19, 1946 and died in January 27, 1993. He is a well know professional wrestler and actor. André René’s best-remembered acting role was that of Fezzik, the giant in the film The Princess Bride. Because of the acromegaly, he was bigger than most people, and that led him to being called “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. And in the World Wrestling Federation (now known as WWE), André was a one-time WWF Champion and a one-time WWF World Tag Team Champion.


The reason Fairey wanted to start the OBEY project, because he said: “The Andre The Giant sticker was just a spontaneous, happy accident. I was teaching a friend how to make stencils in the summer of 1989, and I looked for a picture to use in the newspaper, and there just happened to be an ad for wrestling with Andre The Giant and I told him that he should make a stencil of it. He said ‘Nah, I’m not making a stencil of that, that’s stupid!’ but I thought it was funny so I made the stencil and I made a few stickers and the group of guys I was hanging out with always called each other The Posse, so it said Andre The Giant Has A Posse, and it was sort of appropriated from hip-hop slang – Public Enemy, NWA and Ice-T were all using the word.”

At 2001,OBEY Clothing was formed and it was founded on the art, design and ideals of Shepard Fairey. OBEY is such a big brand now and it all started with a sticker. Fairey was just trying things out at the beginning, he didn’t know his idea would be such a success, but he was following the golden rule of advertising. When you are watching TV shows or watching a movie at the movie theater, there are so many advertisements at the beginning of the show, people pay a lot of money to do the advertisement and make pay to repeat it as much as possible so people can see it. They want people to remember them, remember their products and make people to buy their products or service. Fairey also wanted the same thing, he put a lot of artworks and stickers around the city, which made people wonder what they meant and why they were everywhere. It’s a really powerful thing to repeat the same thing again and again. He didn’t spend a lot of money on his advertisement but it worked better than the one from big companies.

I know a lot of people say Fairey was putting the stickers and the big posters around the city are illegally, since he didn’t have a permit to put them up, but on the other hand they are street art at the same time as advertisement. Street art gives the city a different look; they give the city more personality. Whether it is illegal or not, street art is everywhere, in different cities and different corners, it is the power of street art. The OBEY campaign is based on the “So It Yourself” counterculture of punk rock and skateboarding, but it also has the idea of popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. The T-shirts design uses a lot of classic military design elements, work wears basics and as well as the same elements and cultural movements, Fairey had based his art career on.

All in all, the OBEY campaign is a great project; it proves the truth in the advising world. It doesn’t matter which way you begin to do your projects, like with OBEY, even with only a sticker you can succeed to create something great, you just need a lot of work and a good idea. Shepard Fairey is a good example. When you are doing or starting something, you have to believe yourself and do something you love. Try something in different way and see if it works. He is very lucky, he was having a lot of fun doing what he likes to do and now OBEY became a huge success.

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Vitaly design

“Vitaly was given its first breath of life in Central Bali, Indonesia. Legend has it that founder Shane Vitaly Foran, a Toronto, Canada native, had decided to put his corporate job on hold in order to combat a growing sense of apathy and burn-out. During six weeks of unplanned pilgrimage, Shane found Ubud, a small haven for artists and other wanderers. He spent three weeks there amongst the pale straw huts and towering bluffs in a state of introverted reflection. Entranced by the town’s natural beauty, Shane began dreaming of handcrafted jewelry that would fit the many faces of everyday fashion. After having a few simple designs produced by a local craftsmen and receiving an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response over social media, Shane decided to take the risk of a lifetime. Along with close friend & business partner Jason Readman, they invested their last pennies in their vision, and the company that is now known to the world as Vitaly was born. Since April 2012, Shane and Jason have been pouring themselves into Vitaly full-time, seeking to create a brand that embraces the myriad of lifestyles and personalities that have inspired it: from sky diving to stage diving, and fine art to body art. Vitaly is still releasing new designs, working with a variety of unique materials, and maintains a strong relationship with all of those who have helped make this journey possible.”

I choose this brand because personally, I really like it and they are popular as well. I’m more focus on their website and their Instagram. On their Instagram, they have 69,7000 followers. Vitaly open their Instagram around 156 weeks ago, since only 18 likes to around 1,800 likes per photo. On Instagram, they are following 260 people. Those people are popular photographer, style driven, tattoo arts, blogers, fashion designers and so on. This way, it will help them to market themselves faster.

For their website, it is more focus on more information about themselves and networking with other popular celebrities. They are put more focus on the ordering; buying their stuffs and questions and answer. Vitaly’s photos on their website are individual and more pretty.

Social Media

Different people use different social media. If you do not use any of them, you may need to start to think what’s going on. For myself, I have Facebook, Blong, Instagram and just open a Twitter account. I have many followers from my Instagram, it around 1,417 people. I was using my Chinese blong, it was a lot of people visited my blong but for some reasons, I stopped using it for a long time. The people that visited my blong was around 27,494 people. For my google page, I did not do anything and I have 2,308 views. All in all, if I add all the numbers, it will be 29,149.